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Re-roofing (Retrofitting) Metal Roofs in Largo

Buying a new roof is a big decision, and for that, you need to do proper research. Otherwise, you may end up choosing the wrong material and regret your decision.

Metal roofs have increased in demand these days. And the fundamental reason for that is their durability and long life. Roofing is something one expects to last for a lifetime and protects you from all calamities. One cannot install roofs every other day. So, make sure that you choose the best Re-roofing expert. If you are looking for re-roofing (retrofitting) metal roofs, you can make the correct choice by contacting Largo Metal Roofing Company in your town of Largo.

We shall provide you in-depth knowledge about retrofitting metal roofs that will clear all your queries. Using which you can make a well-informed roofing decision.

What is a re-roofing (retrofitting) metal roof?

In retrofitting metal roofing, there is a sub-structural component attached to the existing flat roof, which will provide a slope and new platform to install metal roofing panels. They come in a good range of designs and materials.

Such roofs serve as a good replacement for existing roofs as well as walls. You can, with Re-roofing, improve the aesthetic value as they are available in various forms. A low slope functional system for discharge or diversion of roof rainwater to high slope architectural application is one such example.

Types of buildings where you can install retrofitting roofs:

  • Offices/ banks
  • Warehouses
  • Healthcare facilities
  • Local, state, and federal government
  • Schools and universities
  • Recreation
  • Transportation
  • Hospitality

The retrofitting walls fit well in every place and have amazing visual benefits too. So, you should not think twice before installing one. If you want expert advice, kindly reach out to us and ask for a free roof inspection.

What are some things you must be kept in mind for retrofitting roofs?

  • The existing roof must be evaluated for factors such as geometry and technical issues and existing conditions. 

A thorough inspection of the metal roof is required, as the previous rooftop conditions will dictate the requirements and other details for the new rooftop. A survey is required that must contain details regarding:

  • Roof perimeter construction
  • Perimeter construction must include gravel stop and whether or not it will be concealed parapets.
  • Noting height, size, and style location of load-bearing and interior firewalls.
  • Existing drainage system location of existing rooftop
  • All the other obstruction that needs to be worked around

Analyze the existing roof system, including analyzing the size, spacing, type, and span of existing joint and support. A structural system’s ability for positive and negative load and the building’s ability to withstand the wind forces must be known. The information on all the collateral loads added to the building after the first construction must be identified.

How to do the above assessments?

Our company offers a Free Roof Inspection. Our roofing expert will help you with everything necessary. So, call us now and let’s get started.

Know what kind of metal roof is best your building

There are four different types of metal roofs:

  • Through –fastened roofs– They are pre-engineered roofs.
  • Functional standing seam roof – They are benefited from low- cost and low- slope type of constructions. They have greater water carrying capacity for low slopes.
  • Pure architectural nonstructural roofs are designed for high slope applications, and the mere purpose is beautification and appearance. But it lacks structural strength.
  • Structural, architectural panel system – They are designed for high slope applications over an open framing system. It is a vertical ribbed standing seam type of application, generally for aesthetic pleasure.

Be sure that you are well versed in framing and the anchoring system.

Adding a new roof above the old roof will surely increase the dead weight on the previous roof. To avoid exceeding the design load, you must know the framing structure.

At Largo Metal Roofing Company, we have well-qualified roofers and trainers. Your concerns and issues will be dealt with utmost priority, and we assure you to provide excellent service in retrofitting metal roofs.

With the retrofitting a metal can:

  • Bring versatility in building design options
  • Integrate with renewable energy sources
  • It comes with a long life and hence reduce environmental impact
  • Reduction in the landfill waste generated- they can be installed over old flat roofs or wall materials.

What benefits come along re-roofing (retrofitting metal roofs)?

  • They save the expense of tearing off the old roof. An old roof lets outside air and has decreased thermal efficiency and causes problems such as water leaks and pests. And with time, the utility bills might increase.
  • Retrofitting with a metal roof creates an airtight environment that is completely weatherproof as well as energy-efficient. It can save a huge amount of monthly costs. They come in a variety of colors, and they also reflect sun rays. They require minimal maintenance.
  • They are the best choice for business as they come with a unique advantage of not disrupting business. It saves time and money, simultaneously yielding great results. The customers and employees can comfortably use the building while roofers retrofit your existing metal roof.
  • Low to no maintenance. They are quite efficient as you don’t have to compromise with the metal panels, holes in the roof, structural damage, and other potential roofing problems.

Why should you prefer Largo Metal Roofing Company?

At Largo Metal Roofing Company, we offer a huge variety of services related to metal roofing. After working for over a decade in Largo and its neighborhood, we have attained the trust of so many customers who believe in the quality we deliver.

We work on the basic aim of customer satisfaction by providing good quality material. Our organization has skilled roofers who know their job well. And what better can be asked if the company holds a license for its work. So, you should definitely contact us for more details and the best metal roofing solutions and services. We assure you to provide great deals at amazing prices!

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